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To Ride a Grey Ghost Joey Fogarty

To Ride a Grey Ghost

Joey Fogarty

Published July 29th 2013
323 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A young Tim Riley wants to join the Navy and see the world, as promised by the Navy recruitment poster. However, he is wholly unprepared for the hard bargain that the Juneaus engine room has in store for that privilege. He finds himself in the nether-world of the hole snipes, of bravo and mike divisions, the two divisions responsible for propelling a Navy ship thru the water and just how dangerous and critical that evolution is. He sees the teenager in himself a thing of the past as he is now surrounded by- SALTS- that have contempt for a- BOOT- like him and they waste no time making Riley aware of the difference. The Juneau is just starting an 8 month long WES-PAC deployment when he reports aboard in Okinawa in 1975. What an adventure the 8 months proves to be as Riley proves himself worthy to return as a Trusty-Shellback and top notch Burnerman. Thereby earning, in no small way, his SALT status. Through eight countries and thousands of sea miles around the Orient, the recruiting poster has kept its end of the bargain. Every Port has its own dangers and sometimes hilarious events waiting for him and his fellow Hole Snipes.This is a story of a young mans coming of age in one of the hottest, loudest and dangerous ways short of combat itself. After all, every day is a war down there in the engine room. From a colorful captain who is adventurously open to suggestion, to a rich cast of characters that are the back bone of the Navy.To Ride A Grey Ghost, is the sea story that until now, has never been told.