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Sense of Paper Taylor Wendy Holden

Sense of Paper

Taylor Wendy Holden

Published January 1st 2006
ISBN : 9781299100961
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 About the Book 

Think for a moment what paper means to people. How ubiquitous it is in everyday life....A material of paradoxes, it can be used and abused in a thousand ways and still be the same under its skin. It is the embodiment of mans achievement, yet it is as transient and as flimsy as tissue.... In its strengths and weaknesses, faults and flaws, it is intensely human....A lush and intoxicating blend of art history, eroticism, and suspense, Taylor Holdens The Sense of Paper is like no other debut novel youve ever read. An enthralling exploration of the role of paper in art, it is also the sumptuous story of a woman living on the dangerous edge of obsession, passion, and murder. From the Trade Paperback edition.