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Breaking Him Folia Deux

Breaking Him

Folia Deux

Published November 24th 2013
Kindle Edition
29 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Grace Kellan is about to complete the merger--okay, hostile takeover--that will make her career. Only one person stands in the way: Sam Blalock, the brash young lead counsel for the other side. Hot as hell and cold as ice, Sam fights hard in the boardroom. And when he shows up at Grace’s hotel room after weeks of tension, offering a sexual fling, she can’t help herself. He pushes all her buttons, and she wants to push his in ways he can’t even imagine.Ways that will bring him to his knees.But when their struggle for domination turns into something more, will Grace let her growing feelings for Sam destroy her career?Caution: this story contains adult content including rough sex, light bondage, and one seriously hot pegging scene. So basically, its not appropriate for readers under the age of 18.