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Pure Magic Elizabeth Coatsworth

Pure Magic

Elizabeth Coatsworth

Published September 1st 1973
ISBN : 9780027215007
68 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

“Unique, Fantasy Friendship”Young Johnny Dunlap does not have a real friend until the strange Dumont family moves into the dilapidated farm near by. Set in unspecified, rural New England this undated fantasy details the bonds of deep friendship between two boys—one of whom happens to be “boy” only part time. Now in Central Europe there are tales about strange beings who are forced to turn into wolves at the full moon, but this variation on the man/beast theme is not as darkly Gothic as that.Here Coatsworth—known for her fantasy tales about small animals—imagines a less frightening version, whereby a boy actually Chooses to become a fox…for the sheer joy of running at night. But this sets up a unique situation: can a human boy remain best friends with a boy/fox?Eager to prove his sincere devotion to the strange French Canadian boy Johnny risks everything to protect him from fox hunters and to reconcile him with his callous father. I leave it to you to figure out which one on the cover is the werefox. This slender volume proves a cute light read, which emphasizes friendship, loyalty and keeping good relations with one’s parents and neighbors. Short—only 71 pages with many pen and ink illustrations, this book is fine for imaginative children up to age 10.March 11, 2013 I welcome dialogue with teachers.