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Report from Earth Alan Walworth

Report from Earth

Alan Walworth

Kindle Edition
292 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Argon Desaki, a graduate student undertaking field research for a dissertation on the evolution of intelligent life, finds himself marooned on a planet whose inhabitants intelligence impresses him less than their arrogance. Problems proliferate on this planet. Disruptive technologies are rapidly advancing. Greenhouse gas emissions, already dangerously high, are growing. Government is ineffective. Apathy is widespread. There are shortages of time and wisdom. And Argons partner, Snilya, has disappeared.Exploring this problematic reality, wandering through a bewildering wilderness of facts mingled with fiction, Argon finds an ideal path toward solution of the planets problems and his own: a revolutionary Silicon Valley startup that turns dreams into reality.Note: This is a preview edition, intended for reviewers and for those who wish to learn about the startup this book introduces without waiting for the fully polished report. Readers of this version are encouraged to post their comments here and/or email them to Argon, whose address is in the book.