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Rose Hip Zero, tome 01 Tōru Fujisawa

Rose Hip Zero, tome 01

Tōru Fujisawa

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This series could very well be a Hollywood blockbuster, in that it shares several elements in common with said movies. Kyoji Kido is a cop working working the juvenile division. He’s more than good at his job, which is why he gets away with having an Attitude, and making free use of his wicked big gun. Of course, Kido has a tragedy in his past which helps explain his Bad Attitude: while he was on a job for an elite squad of the antiterrorist unit, Kido’s younger sister was killed by the terrorists he was tracking.Kido is drawn back into the antiterrorism unit by a special case: top officers of the Japanese police are being murdered by members of ALICE, the very organization which killed his sister. He’s teamed up with Kasumi Asakura, a teenage girl who can handle a gun even more skillfully than can Kido. She has a past ever darker than Kido’s, and connections to ALICE.Kido and Asakura both get to be badass and shoot things up, and also get to know each other as partners and (reluctant, for Kido) roommates. The reader gets hit with one of ALICE’s big secrets in this volume, with promises of more twists to come.I enjoyed this volume a lot. Kick-ass women are a kink of mine, and Asakura delivered. Considering that the cover depicts a schoolgirl with a gun stuck in her bra, there was less fanservice than I was expecting--a definite plus, for me. My opinion of the series may take a nosedive later on, but for now, I’m definitely interested in picking up the next several volumes.