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Winning Your Share Tim Odom

Winning Your Share

Tim Odom

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 About the Book 

The verdict is in: Consumers prefer to make many of their purchases locally.Though e-commerce is unquestionably here to stay, the US Census Bureau reported in mid-2014 that e-commerce amounted to just 6.4 percent of all retail sales. One of the factors preventing further e-commerce expansion is an overall consumer preference for local shopping.That means you are in a good place as a local retailer. Despite all the hype about the Internet taking all the business away from local retailers, local remains strong.But the e-commerce heavyweights aren’t sitting still. For instance, eBay is scrambling to integrate local delivery. In 2012 it announced a program called eBay Now, which offers same-day delivery using drivers dubbed “valets.” EBay also purchased a courier service called Shutl and rolled it out in a limited number of US markets. Tom Allason, Shutl founder, explained this partnership by saying, “Approximately 75 percent of commerce occurs within 15 miles of where you live. . . . E-commerce is quick and convenient, two things that delivery is not. Together with eBay, we believe that we can transform this market and fulfill our mission.”You want to succeed. You need to grow your business. To do this you must address the changes that impact your company because it is the path to gaining more business in your local market.Yet it all can be so overwhelming. It can seem that every day a new idea is being promoted, some new marketing concept or Internet website that you must have. The voice in your head tells you that you do need to make some changes, to embrace some of these concepts- but it also tells you that not all of them are worth your time and effort. Your voice is right on both counts!The AAM Group wrote Winning Your Share for you. It illustrates the concepts that matter to you, a local business. It provides action plans you can begin to execute today that will have long-term benefits in helping customers find your business online and in your community. You will better understand how to make your business more findable to those searching the Internet for automotive accessories. It will cause you to think about your sales processes once you get customers in the door. It will help you develop a marketing plan that focuses your company on those things that matter to your success.You can take action to get found, engage potential customers, and win your share of the business in your community.With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the automotive aftermarket, Tim Odom has developed a broad understanding of the processes at work in the brick-and-mortar retail market as well as those of Internet marketers. Beginning his career as an auto parts store and speed shop counterperson, he has experience in outside sales, warehouse distribution management, and Internet retailing. He currently is the President and CEO of The AAM Group.