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Plutarch Lives Vol.I


Published 2011
513 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I like this translation of Plutarch so much that Ive started to read it again. Along with stories of famous and/or infamous Greek generals and legendary figures, Plutarch mentions several playwrights, poets, philosophers, and other historians throughout the text. I recommend reading some of the tragedians and philosophers of Ancient Greece and alternating between them and this history. It adds interest to know about the people that get frequent albeit multiple brief mentions.Of particular fascination to me was the plan for the development of the Spartan nation. The section on Lycurgus gives details as to how he (Lycurgus) calculated and brought about a change to the mind of the people, thus, by degrees, winning them over to his ideals for Sparta. It was fascinating. History shows how at least one man, from more modern times, attempted to use those same tactics to influence a nation to annihilate a whole people group. Adolph Hitler almost succeeded.Perhaps part of my immense enjoyment of this work is that I already have a penchant for history. But even if I did not, I think I would still have considered this a good read. My 14 year old daughter concurs. The prose is accessible to a broad range of ages.