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Dangerous Love Momodou S Sawaneh

Dangerous Love

Momodou S Sawaneh

Published December 7th 2009
ISBN : 9780615333557
212 pages
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 About the Book 

Dangerous Love is a fiction about a young innocent African girl, Mary Gomez who was born and raised in a big city. She found herself in a village when her parents Ida Ndow and Ebou Gomez divorced. Her rejection of strict village cultural tradition forces her to go against her selfish Uncle Sedu Ndow and Idas arrange marriage to a wealthy senator Edward Mendy. What makes Mary follow her heart to be with a young school teacher, Sam Sey? And why would she go against her parents will? Alienating herself from her family and refusing a man with whom she could have amassed a fortune? Dangerous Love -an emotional and captivating roller coaster of a story has all the answers.