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Cakeballs: A Love Story Risa Max Smith

Cakeballs: A Love Story

Risa Max Smith

Kindle Edition
75 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Emma Trask is reeling- between the loss of her parents, her divorce and becoming unemployed she is barely holding it together. But holding it together is what Emma does best. Enter one clogged sink, a stray dog, a long shot dream of opening a bakery and her sexy neighbor, Jason Laurie. Jason has had a thing for Emma for a long time and hes not about to let her slip away because shes afraid of another fall. Her sexy smile and enthusiasm won his heart years ago. Before long, hes got her right where he wants her- on her back and in his arms. Then her ex-husband returns. With her aunt, her best friends and that dog on his side maybe this small town cowboy can show Emma what hes made of and win her heart for himself. Because one things for sure- hes waited a long time for Emma to fall apart.