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Tixiers Travels on the Osage Prairies John Francis McDermott

Tixiers Travels on the Osage Prairies

John Francis McDermott

Published March 1st 2007
ISBN : 9781406773552
336 pages
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 About the Book 

AMERICAN EXPLORATION AND TRAVEL Tixiers Travels On the Osage Prairies Di I-ROM lilt. IV M ID TI Majatyta Head Chief of the Osage TIXIERS Trauda on the. Osagc Prairies EDITED BY JOHN FRANCIS McDERMOTT TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY ALBERT J. SALVAN University of Oklahoma Press NORMAN, 1940 TO M. CHARLES TIXIER PREFACE VICTOR TIXIERS Voyage aux prairies osages, Louis ianc et Missouri, 1839-40 was originally published at Clermont-Ferrand, in 1844, apparently in a small edi tion, for it has remained one of the rarest pieces of western Americana. It is here offered in translation for the first time. Of the illustrations in the present volume, five are by Tixier himself the head of Majakita formed the frontispiece of his volume the heads of Ouichingheh, Pleureuse, Young Girl, and Wife of the Head Chief of the Kansa the group of Osage war riors the Charcoal Dance and the Osage Air were included as four plates at the close of his book. The picture of Victor Tixier is from a portrait painted by Thomas Couture about 1837. That of Trudeau in Indian costume was painted by John Woodhouse Audubon in January or February, 1841. The translator and the editor wish to express their indebted ness to the Missouri Historical Society of Saint Louis for fur nishing the working copy used for translation and the pictures of Trudeau and Papin and to Miss Stella M. Drumm, Libra rian, and Mrs. Nettie H. Beauregard, Archivist, for many kind nesses and suggestions. They also wish to acknowledge the as sistance of the National Youth Administration and Washing ton University in supplying a typist, as well as many courtesies from the Washington University Library, the Mercantile Li brary of Saint Louis, the WashingtonUniversity Medical School Library, and particularly the Library of the Department of Ge ology at Washington University. To Mrs. Wayne C. Willis they also extend their thanks. Dr. J. B. Trudeau of Saranac and Dr. Archibald Malloch of New York have been kind enough to supply much information about James Trudeau. The Chief Li ix TIXIERS TRAVELS brarian of Clermont-Ferrand and the Mayor of Saint Pont, Al lier, France, were of very considerable service Most of all, however, the translator and the editor feel in debted to M. Charles Tixier, son of the author, for his many kindnesses in sending a map, drawings, information about his father, and the picture of him. Without his assistance they could have said little about the man who wrote the book. JOHN FRANCIS McDERMorr ALBERT J. SALVAN Saint Louis, February 1, 1940 TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface ix Editors Introduction 3 Part I Louisiana I. THE CROSSING 19 II. THE MISSISSIPPI Balise Tow-boats The Pass Appearance of the Land The Banks of the River A Race Vegeta tion Dwellings Snags The English Turn New Orleans 27 III. LOUISIANA Steamboats Louisiana Lands The Food Houses The Question of Slavery Medicine The Desert and the Savannah The Woods The Mississippi The Choctaw The Savages and Civilization Swamps River Floods Driftwood The Cypress Grove A Crack in the Levee Marshes The Ouat cha Bayou Alligators Prairie Fire Terre aux Boeuf s Snakes Magnolias Choctaw Tombs Wild Cane-The BrAlots Farewells 38 IV. THE GENERAL PRATTE Plans The Creole Ladies Philosophy Hurricane The Prairie A Race What the Word City Means in the United States 86 xi TIXIERS TRAVELS Part II Missouri V...