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Of Jibaros And Hillbillies Ricardo Nazario y Colon

Of Jibaros And Hillbillies

Ricardo Nazario y Colon

Published November 15th 2010
ISBN : 9781935514138
86 pages
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 About the Book 

...this new world fraught with enormous newchallenges weighted down with inherited old world problems, needs new navigational tools, new tongues unafraid of truth, and new poets with hearts and words almost too big for the treasure chests they beat in. You can find all of that and a hint of raw sugarcane in these pages.Frank X Walker, Editor of PLUCK!The Journal of Affrilachian Arts & Culture-Author of Affrilachia, When Winter Come,Black Box and more.In Of Jibaros and Hillbillies, Ricardo Nazario y Colon connects the dots between Puerto Rico and Affrilachia, creating a route that is poetic narrative, grito, reflection and cancion. The writing is muscular, intimately masculine, yet able to fully embrace a female essence-in poems that reference the Great Mother or in intimate connection with a woman the poet desires. The present legacy of racism, sexism, eco-exploitation, and colonialism, of psychic damage suffered in war-all are articulated here. In a favorite piece, Nazario y Colon crafts an ode/psalm to his spirit brother, Frank X Walker, where the ties that connect are lovingly etched.Lisa Alvarado, Author of Raw Silk Sutureand Sister ChicasFierce and must read it slowly.Rane Arroyo, Poet, recent titles include:The Buried Sea: New & Selected Poems,andThe Skys Weight