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Mörderische Gier - Bei Geld hört Freundschaft auf R.L. Stine

Mörderische Gier - Bei Geld hört Freundschaft auf

R.L. Stine

Published 2000
ISBN : 9783785536896
153 pages
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 About the Book 

Good old Fear Street series, how I loved thee! In fact, me and my three besties loved it so much we turned one of the books into a radio show for an English assignment back in high school. I cant remember which one it was now, but it was about a psycho and someone who gets put into the boot of a car and everyone elses generic description is just scared follower sheep.* I know that could potentially refer to at least 30% of the Fear Street installments... but it isnt this one.This one is about two girls who find a bag with heaps of money inside and after that is a mindfuckgame of who gets away alive with the money, with a supernatural dash which surprisingly, is rather effective.Now Im not giving this four stars because I am a reluctant OMG I DUNS NOES I CAN ACTUALLY READ!!!111!!! type of reader and surprised myself - no, I am a rather accomplished reader (one likes to hope anyway) and I give this 4 stars because although there were some absolute clangers, when the series actually gets it right like on this occasion ie: cleanly written, killer twist at the end, precisely tied up like a surgeon has done it, so many creepy hooks you can go fishing for a dead body and actually catch one - it elevates trashiness into an ART FORM.* I got to play the psycho who put whoever it was into the boot. Youre not really surprised at this fact are you?